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Thursday, October 18, 2012


We all have so much to say, so I thought I would join the conversation and capture the goings on in my life at home without children. Our youngest son is away at college, and our older son is two hours south of DC in technical school.  Lord, I pray he can graduate soon.  So, the bottom line is our house is empty.  I swore that I would not fall into the empty nest syndrom of being sad that my children have left home and going about their lives.  That is what I did some years ago....So, I am focusing on the next phase of life.  From what I hear, it is supposed to be fun! My husband and I can actually run around the house in our birthday suits, play house, hang out late (not really), and who all knows whats in store. So, the nest is not exactly empty, because we are still here and full of life! So here is to living the life after children.

More to follow!

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