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Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's Do It Again

Today, we pickup our bib numbers for the Army Ten-Miler.  My number is 25099, not sure of hubby's number.   We two of the 30,100 registered for this year.  We ran together in 1994, and my number was 4334, which goes to show the gradual increase of runners over the last 18 years.  It has been a long time since we have run this race together, but we are going to do it again, Sunday!  I think we can gut out 10-miles.  The last Army Ten-Miler I ran was in 2010, slipped, and fell at mile 9.  I quickly recovered although I had a nasty gash on my chin and left shoulder.  I hope to have a better time of it this year.  The weather is supposed to be nice. I hope so.  See the picture of us back in the day.  We were almost at the finish line.

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