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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why complain if you're not willing to make a difference?

Why complain if you’re not willing to make a difference? Thanks to MGST Retired R. Branch for this post.

Going through this thing called life will often bring you face to face with scandal and wrong doing.  When you face these circumstances, you actually have a choice.  You can choose to sit on the side line and complain, or you can lace up your boots, dust off your uniform of life and get involved to correct matters.  All too often, people stand around and complain about things that they are not willing to do anything about.  When you do that, you do nothing more than add fuel to the fire and thus, subconsciously make things worse.  Anyone can talk about what’s wrong, but the real question is – what are willing to do about it?  If the answer is nothing, then maybe your position should be on the bench and not on the field.  The people on the field are actually those trying to win, those on the side line are either those that are waiting their chance to get in, or those that like to talk about what’s wrong on the field.  You choose who you are going to be, but like it or not…believe it or not, you’re going to be one of them.


As always…think…and grow.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Posted to Facebook on May 30.
It is a very sad day for the Department of Veterans Affairs. General Shinseki resigned this morning and I am just heart broken. VA Core Values, becuase I CARE, I will...
Integrity: Act with high moral principle. Adhere to the highest professional standards. Maintain the trust and confidence of all with whom I engage.
Commitment: Work diligently to serve Veterans and other beneficiaries. Be dr...iven by an earnest belief in VA's mission. Fulfill my individual and organizational responsibilities.
Advocacy: Be truly Veteran-centric by identifying, fully considering and appropriately advancing the interests of Veterans and other beneficiaries.
Respect: Treat all those I serve and with whom I work with dignity and respect. Show respect to earn it.
Excellence: Strive for the highest qualitiy of continuous improvement. Be thoughtful and decisive in leadership, accountable for my actions, willing to admit mistakes and rigorous in correcting them.

Those that reported to work every day and did not embrace these core values and characteristics should be ashamed of themselves. They let down the Veteran, their families, the Department and the Secretary.
It was an honor to serve under his leadership when he was the Chief of Staff of the Army and as the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sir, I salute YOU.